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Located in the Longrich Bio-Industrial Park, is one of the leading companies that dominates in the production of Health Care, Cosmetic/Skin Care, Household Cleaning, Furniture, Real Estate business and many more products.
Jiangsu Longliqi Bio-Science Co. Ltd (Longrich) has one of the largest and most advanced centres for research and development of cosmetic and healthcare products in Asia (Southern China). The company has more than 12 000 employees, more than 35% of which are Doctorate students, field experts, and highly trained professionals. For the past 31 years the company has seen steady growth in both expansion and market share.
Jiangsu LONGLIQI Bio-Science Co., Ltd (Longrich) is located in the LONGLIQI Bio-Industrial Park, which covers an area of more than 133 hectares (about 500 acres). It produces more than 1000 products in eight categories, including household, cosmetics, health care products, furniture, real estate and logistics. It is one of the largest and most advanced center for research, development, manufacture and sale of cosmetics and health care products in China. it has a total of 10,000 employees. In the past 26 years, the company has developed a healthy and steady manner and has become a leader of the national cosmetic industry.

Health Through Harmony of Science & Nature

Longrich BioScience Offers Wide Range of Innovative & Quality Products
For Your Daily Needs.

9 Benefits of Superbklean Magnetic Anion Sanitary Pad

1. Preserves health
2. Relieves menstrual pain
3. Anti-bacterial
4. Anti-inflammatory
5. Eliminating odor
6. Promotes metabolisme
7. Improves endocrine / glandular function
9. Enhances immunity
9. Relieves stress


It boosts immunity, protects liver from chemical damage and protects the retina of the eye It contains powerful antioxidants that can help prevent some form of cancer, heart disease and it helps to enhance your body immune response to infection
Effective for treating hepatitis patient, for good health and stomach issue (Ulcer) Cardiovascular disease (heart disease), Menopause, Menstrual pain and Virginal inflammation
Makes you look younger, promotes blood circulation to skin and scalp


Key Features Alkaline Pi Cup

Increases energy
Fewer occurrences of headaches
Promotes clear thinking
Ease respiration i.e no more shortness of breathing
Less throat irritation-less mucous
Promotes healthy heart functions


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